You are invited to a unique gathering of Budo Taijutsu practitioners, immersing yourself in three days of training in the ancient Bujinkan & Takamatsuden Warrior Traditions…  This year’s event will feature instruction by many of New England’s finest instructors. Training will take place at Camp Caravan. Check out our registration page or click on our Facebook page to learn more.  Now you can pay online visit the registration page

New England Warrior Camp (NEWC) 2017


Its with equal parts sadness, frustration, and disappointment that I have had to cancel New England Warrior Camp 2017, "The Path Continues.." 

When all was said and done my cut off number was 47 to break even we had 31 PIF 2 for free, "The Christopher Kelsall Memorial Scholarship"... We were short $4,200.00... 

Not sure why but a few ideas others shared with me were: Aging population, distance because of the camp relocation, competition with other events, and or folks just don't want or believe in the mission statement of the event... 

I had NO first timers and based upon previous numbers I used to average 11 first timers every year. Also the fact that dojos that used to support NEWC were not having a teacher represent their dojos. In the end its my fault and I accept all the responsibility. 

I want to thank those who have supported NEWC year after year I call you respond, Thank You so much. 

I have written most of the refund checks and will send a separate email to inform those whom did support NEWC... Then I will make a public announcement on social media and the web site. 

I finish but wishing you all well and bow with great respect. 
Be safe, Be well, and Gassho! 

Ken Savage

NEWC Founder & Director   

So come explore, challenge, and develop you warrior spirit! 

Come Explore, Challenge and Develop your warrior spirit. We are back form our short break and preparing for our 2017 camp. Read on to find out more!